The Beginning
The Lace Wig Bible

The Lace Wig Bible was first published in 2012. At that time I had started my first online business called SWIGCH’D, lace wig and hair extensions company. I had never never made a penny from the internet. What an interesting journey. It started out as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could take what are considered the most difficult near impossible thing to sell online at a premium, with a made up word for a name, little to know knowledge and turn revenue. This is how the story begins.

I started to educate myself about Lace Wigs since they were becoming more and more popular amoungst people in the entertainment world. Not only are very expensive high end hand made wigs wore mostly on movie sets and photoshoots, but they are GORGEOUS, expensive and normally only handled by professional stylists. So I was motivated. I set up an office, found a supplier and went to work to set up my Shopify Store. After organizing photoshoots during the day, studying SEO, Keyword Bidding, Article Writing and Payment Gateways by night I was ready to see if this baby could fly.

Two months had gone by and I was ready to launch the website. I had no idea what to expect. I waited by the phone. The first few days nothing. Then I decided to set up a customer service chat window and then suddenly I started to get little messages and notifications. Inquiries poured in from women all over the world that were interested in learning more about Lace Wigs. They were discovering my website from the forums where I posted content and from the keyword searched that directed the customers directly to my website. It was surreal.

Women started to buy and I was making money. The cheapest wig sold for $575 the most expensive for $1,200. But after the customers were buying the wigs they were blowing up the customer service chat line and the office phone wanted to understand the best way to care for the wigs, how to wash them, how to style them, how to wear them without glue and everything question that could think of. I was overwhelmed. So I understood that in order to satisfy my customers who had made such an investment in these custom made beauties, I knew I had to provide them with a resource for wig maintenance. When in my spare time between taking orders, speaking with clients and shipping out the products I began to write. It took me a few months but The Lace Wig Bible: How To Style, Care & Maintain Lace Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Natural Hair was born. Not only was it a tool for existing customers but it was another product! I started selling more books then wigs and I became overwhelmed with the daily trips to the post office.  I decided to automate the book process and ship them to Amazon. Now, 4 years later we are still selling books daily to woman, men, stylists and students from around the globe.

After I proved my theory quote well I was inspired but what else the world wide web had to offer… That story continues for another time.

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Overview Of The Book
I was overwhelmed. I understood in order to satisfy my customers I had to create a wig maintenance guidebook.

It started out as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could take what are considered the most difficult near impossible things to sell online, at a premium price, with a made up word for a name, little to know knowledge and turn revenue. If the Internet is everything they say it is, it should work. If it does imagine how limitless and expansive like can be.

The Lace Wig Bible includes over 200 full color step-by -step instructional images and 164 color pages designed to help women become knowledgeable, experienced and empowered when wearing and caring for lace wigs. Initially, lace wigs were used for photo shoots, movies, and theatre, because of their undetectability when seamlessly applied properly. Today, many women have incorporated lace wigs into their daily beauty regimen because they desire the same results they see on the red carpet and on tv. Some women are successful, while most fail because they have not had the instruction and know how, until today.